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 150 Best Kansas Books

In 2011, Kansas’ Sesquicentennial year, the Directors of the Kansas State Library chose 150 books, considered the best books written by Kansans and/or about Kansas in the past 150 years.  To see the complete list     Click here

Fragile Hopes, Transient Dreams
 And Other Stories

An historical word portrait of the Great Plains and the men and women who lived, loved and died on America’s vast prairie during the 20th Century (1889 to 1999).

Each tale stands alone, yet correlates into a larger story—a chronicle of the development of the prairie.

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While Woodland Circle, a cul de sac in the retirement community of Paradise Village is not "Wisteria Lane," no household is without its secrets, intrigues and hidden agendas. 

What our friends do not know is that a newcomer--an author who chose the peace and quiet of Paradise Village to write a book--is writing it all down.

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    Beautiful, smart, and an expert marksman, Charlie hates to kill. But if someone she cares about is threatened, what's a girl to do? http://www.amazon.com/Charlie-Edna-Bell-Pears…/…/ref=sr_1_1…
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    I was familiar with, most of Mexico but had never visited the Yucatan Peninsula.  In order to correct this error, I set out early one January morning and headed south.  I traveled “sola” and for a three months, I mingled with the natives, favored small town hotels, lived in cabanas on beaches, camped out in "motor parks" and, in every sense of the word, "made myself at home."  I met a lot of wonderful people, made new friends and had a wonderful time.

As I wended my way over the highways and byways of the Yucatan Peninsula, I garnered insights and information about our neighbors to the south, as well as a few “Norte Americanos” who, for various reasons, ventured south of the border.  The result—a collection of stories—stories of hopes and dreams, love, romance, doubts, regrets, determination and redemption. 

Each story is preceded by a brief “on the road” essay recounting bits from my personal experiences touring the Yucatan Peninsula.

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                                              CARIBBEAN SUNRISE  

While on a mid-winter holiday in the Yucatan Peninsula—a graduation gift from her parents—Megan Lockridge finds herself stranded on an idyllic tropical beach. Playa Gloriosa provides everything she dreamed of in a vacation—friends, fun and games—and romance. Two incredibly attractive gentlemen vie for her attentions; Francisco, an amorous Latino who arouses emotions she never dreamed she was capable of and Kevin, a handsome New York advertising agent who, she suspects, might turn out to be the love of her life. Megan, however, finds it difficult to relax and enjoy her holiday because of several strange incidents, not the least of which is that, for some mysterious reason, she is prevented from leaving.

Frustrated and desperate, she finally escapes only to find herself taken hostage by a drug lord. A wild car chase follows resulting in an accident. As Megan recuperates in a luxurious Caribbean seaside villa her true love is revealed by an unexpected turn of events.


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`          If you don’t feel good, you’re not worth a darn.  At least, I’m, not.  Not only my body, but my brain as well, is sluggish and out of sorts.           More                                                

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            A few years back, I googled my name—just to see what was going on—and was astounded to find a number of articles I’d written for various publications offered for sale as “EDocs” in various publications         More   


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I took the seascape (above) when I toured the Yucatan Peninsula.  The beach is Playa de Chemayil the state, Quintana Roo.  I rented a cabana and spent a most heavenly week there.